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Black America/White America: In Search of Harmony

Updated: Jul 18, 2019

Although the Civil Rights Act of 1964 outlawed discrimination in employment and banned race-based segregation, as well as sporadic efforts by successive US governments to tackle racial inequalities, racism still looms large in 21st-century America.

Even if it is not a national trend, minorities in the US continue to receive discriminatory treatment from law enforcement officials and face major obstacles in securing housing, health care and quality education, jobs in the art and design fields, sports as well as experiencing irregularities in the justice system. To make matters worse, things have escalated under President Donald Trump.

Some scholars talk about the existence of structural racism in the US, and there are statistics that corroborate this. In 2018, a poll by NBC News/SurveyMonkey found that a majority of Americans believe racism is a major issue in the United States. According to the poll, 64% said “racism remains a major problem” in society. This is while 45% of Americans believe race relations are getting worse.

In 2017, a poll by Quinnipiac University scholars found that more than six in 10 Americans say the “level of hatred and prejudice in the United States has increased since Trump was elected president.”


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Aug 15, 2019

Rarely is a group who has held a lion’s share of the power, occupied most of the seats at most of the tables, made the decisions, made the money, made the rules going to welcome the folks who want a shot. Who deserve a shot. Whose presence and ideas and talent would improve the world, if only they were given a shot. It is time for all people of all colors to stand up and fight for the rights of everyone in this country. Stop trying to enslave another people to your culture!


If you know history you know where the term so called "white" people came from. But very few are of pure so called white Arian nation blood. This is so funny to me that some whites would even think so. Within the next 15 or 20 years there will be no such thing. But most white people I know don't think this way at least the majority of younger people don't. There is a whole other army of all races arising that's going to be facing other things like climate change, how to save the planet,how to save our food, gender identity challenges, etc. And we haven't met any of our friends from other galaxies LOL! I guess th…


Jul 19, 2019

On July 4, 1910, Jack Johnson destroyed the great white hope Jim Jeffries, all the while laughing and with contemptuous mastery that race riots spread across the country. Thirteen black people from Macon to Philadelphia were killed by white Gangs. The Los Angeles Times wrote a warning to Johnson and his followers which were black.

The white man’s mental supremacy is fully established and for the

present cannot be taken from him. His superiority does not rest on

any huge bulk of muscle, but on brain development the has

weighed worlds and charmed the most subtle secrets from the

heart of nature. Do not point your nose too high. Do not swell your

chest too much, Do not boast too…

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